Bringing Arena Vanity Items to PvE

With Season 2 just around the corner, a hot question getting tossed about is when the Season 1 vanity items will see a comeback. There been a post or three about bringing them back into the Arena in the future.

However, some players will not or, more importantly, cannot participate in the Battle Arena. Reasons are diverse and generally irrelevant to the discussion. The latter group is the more important focus of my thought here.

So, bring the Season 1 vanities into the PvE side of the game, introducing a super-rare drop: chests. Chests yield the standard gamut of loot with a small (like 1 in 100,000) chance to get a vanity item from the previous Battle Arena Season(s). People who fought hard to get the Eternal League vanity items will still get to revel in having fought hard to get 'em. The rest of the playerbase will have to fight for a longer amount of time to get those vanities. As long as it’s a very long PvE road, I think it’s a reasonable compromise. The game touts itself being available as a purely offline game, so this would continue that feature/boast.

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