Broke My Stealth

yesterday I finally figured out why my Wizard was dying while in Stealth. I had taken a Dodge affix off to make room for a Crystal Luck, so it went under 50%. it took me four days to realize this! :confused:

Stealth feels so useless with Dodge under 50%, but I have to wait until I get some Obsidian for my last 3 Crystal affixes before I can fix this problem.

I have made mistakes like this before, like a Storm Build with no Cool Down, Elemental Crit DMG with no Elemental Crit, Elemental DMG not the same Element as either of my Weapons. it’s a long list of mistakes. :blush:


I thought you should the guy who make a list before starting a build​:smile::smile:

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it wasn’t so much that I had made a Build, rather it was a Build that I was taking off some Epic Affixes and replacing them with Crystal Affixes. because of limited space, I had to let my Dodge go down until I could get a Crystal Dodge. originally, my Dodge was over 50%, which goes over 100% with Stealth. but when I started adding Crystal affixes, Dodge was around 98% with Stealth, and on Pack Size Maps, at least one attack was getting through my defenses more often than I liked.

I have discovered that even when writing down my Build idea first, I still get frustrated. not only that, even when I write it out first, get the idea polished properly, and then actually Craft it, that when I start using the Build, it doesn’t work like I thought it would, and end up having to change affixes to fix what my written idea didn’t consider. the only good thing about this is learning how different affixes actually work, and how the different affixes work with other affixes. I love when a great idea actually works, but a heart breaking moment when the great idea looks more like a nightmare.

Sometimes the nightmare changes into a great idea. As everyone said that push the limit and BAR and energy Is a nightmare, But it is so match with the haunt bonus, Maybe they said that before version 3.1😂

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it’s because Barbarian & PtL reduce resource pool and increase resource cost respectively. this was a difficult thing for me to deal with when I used PtL with Blood Magic & Masochism for the first time ever. I kind of felt sick :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: when I couldn’t cast my Spells.