Bucaneer Build Question

Hi all,

I’m thinking about using the great potential of Sacattershot with Bucaneer set affix and “new” Discordance but I’m not quite sure, if it can work, as I don’t know how Discordance is currently working. If it only replaces the CD and mana cost of primary and special skills of MH and DMG remains same; Sacattershot can do 600% WD without any CD while benefiting multi and extra attack, right???

If yes, Sacattershott does 600% * 600% = 3600% WD with Bucaneer (4) consedering we have 600% gold find on equipment. Additionally Skilled mythic would boost its damage 50% as scatter shot would be consdiered as primary skill with Discordance, which means a Sacattershot shot should do 5400% WD without all other dmg buffs only with 600% Gold find on gear, Bucaneer (4) set affix, Discordance and Skilld mythics. With multi attack, extra attack chance, Deadly Strike and Brutal mythic combined with Druidic+Plagued

So guys, do you think a viable can be built for higher floors be build based on Scatterhot?

try crushing blow

I’ve tested it slightly, and it worked well.


haha. nice to see that it works well. i wasn’t really keen on using it myself since it is more of a solo farming build and i’m more of a fortune bringer + killer hireling kind of farmer.

Actually, I brought you in to see if you had more input. You’re the most knowledgeable on the statistics in things. And I’m lazy. Only thing I have energy for is to troll. :wink:


sorry. i’m still currently busy with ascension. and i’m also busy with xcom 2 and a lot of other stuff. his math looks good though.

one thing i’m not sure of is if skilled mythic works with discordance. it would depend which mechanic is calculated first. if discordance swaps the damage 1st, then effective will not affect scattershot.

i wish there was a confirmation on the “changes” on discordance. lately i saw a ohko build with guided shot/discordance being posted and OP say it works. but if it works, then there wasn’t really a change to discordance in the 1st place.

I made a ScatterShot build, but without Discordance. As I know 700% dmg of ScatterShot special (IDK where from u took 600%) if you have Discordance will remain for special skill, which will be Ricochet. It means ScattetShot will not have any % bonus from skill as every primary skill.
But I belive it still benefit from Bucaneer and Skilled mythic.
Next I dont know about MAC and EAC, i think they would not work, also u mentioned Brutal but u already want Skilled mythic :smile:
My ScatterShot build around Reduced CD and Specialist.

I’m still fairly new to the game and the more intricate mechanics, but if skilled is calculated before discordance couldn’t you instead run exposed/discordance? Also, if you’re running a scattershot build you could use a Chakram and Amber the special to Scattershot. I’d run a build with 100% stealth uptime (+5 stealth mh/oh, crystal cdr, elixir mythstone in head and chest) and take the talents Veil and Darkness. There aren’t really any chest or ring talents that would be a major help to the build.