Buddy System

Well since the online framework for Dungeon Quest has already been set, I think this won’t be a bad idea too.

I vote to increase the current 2-slot hireling system to 3, filling the third slot with a “friend” (maybe use the forum names or something?) NPC character. These “friend” characters may even use the current friend system in the forums! “Friend” NPC owners can set multiple equipment configurations to each character and will receive portion of the loot from the campaign, if someone brings his character for some campaign fun.

Some sort of adjustable toggle can also be set to pre-download certain character data to prepare for offline use.

Sounds ez? Nope, some friends can only be hired when reaching certain floors.

Idea is inspired by Buddy Rush, an already dead (RIP in peace sollmo) semi-online “online” game which only syncs from time to time, much like how our battle arena works.

Under the hood, it will also increase the popularity of the game, as people will pester their friends to play and be a “friend” NPC for them.

Friendlist, chat etc are suggested features since a while and could be totaly possibles and interesting, it’s been more than 1y that i’m asking for it :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s getting close imo!

I’m also still wishing for a guild! after the Friendlist ofc! :smile:

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