Bug at loading

Pia was opening a map to 245 floor I think and it stuck loading and now I have to start again from 200 thank you so Mutch I will never get my cataclysm…

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Try to always save a backup map every 10-20 floors lol and stop complaining x.x

Seriously I should buy a backup map if it was loading -.-

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Okay, Bunny, you’re getting the same problem over and over, no offense but as you’re the only one to get this bug “often”, it does mean 2 things :

  • It’s a problem coming from your side (device or software)
  • It’s not DQ responsability

Also, Steiger won’t give any map scroll, it’s your part of the job to manage your deaths or “bugs”, you can buy a scroll each floor or finding another solution

Now, I’m a bit irritated to see the huge amount of threads of you, that’s why I gave you an official thread, if you wanna ask something, ask only in this thread, don’t create any other, otherwise i’ll punish you (and even if it seems interesting and kinda exciting, trust me, it’s not) :unamused:

I’m locking this thread, you got your solution : buy scrolls, and please stop complaining about this, it’s not your fault, it “might not be yours”, but you’re the only who has the tools to avoid this pain (by buying scrolls), so deal with it.