Bug Eternal rank 1 ---- 2?

1-Kiss My Axe --2- 678912345
They are always there and you never face them
and do not come in the first rank is always another

Not a bug. It’s a different division.

That’s because we’re in Division 0 (zero)

I suppose figure will be higher division. ex : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

what is the meaning of devision 0? Im even.wondering… is it ban or there really have division 0?

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Could you take a screenshot please?

I guess, it’s a bug. Going to take a look into it.

I think now he cannot play anymore DQ because that top rank is a cheater…

Do you have any prooves?

I also like that and after that id banned me into the same league with 678912345

I was initially in Division 1 along with ASA arena level when I reach level 15 if not wrong turn into divisions 0 ago when I lost suddenly back to division 1 and division 1 The contents of ban league

I send you some ss of division 0 which is ign is all number at top rank1…he posting on our group that he say he quit playing DQ… maybe he is ban now…

yes 678912345 banned same with me.

oh I see…