Bug In MH Weapon and OH

Problem with DPS in my weapons all characters http://prntscr.com/8sczt6 , http://prntscr.com/8scywv pliz fix it is more than 300 cristal per affix any with same problem reply

These items may be effected by the item checker. How did you get these?

I entered the arena for pvp when I got 50 points I decided to do pve but all the items of my character had gone to 0dps and it also affected my MH, OH in pvp because my attack is very low; 15 normal damage, and 32 critical with this gear. I have these items from 1.8, I spent + -30 crystal to let legendary affix, and more than 10/10 with obsidian and quartz (if I remember correctly) per item, and the purple from the DG Wikia/mythics. but not only these, but my alts were also affected. and are more common items, and pliz fix it i play DG since 1.1.1, is really , really so hard to do it again

Send me an email to support@shinyboxgames.com and include your DQ Account email address. I will look at your save game for you.


OK ty is the same from forum