[BUG] Momentum reduces damage significantly

After I equipped my Jouster’s Horn I noticed that my Whirlwind and regular attack damage was cut in third for seemingly no reason. The average whirlwind hit went from 120k to 40k damage, while regular went from roughly 30k to 10k. The only damage modifier that should affect the MH attacks is Momentum, so I bought a new horn to test. I observed the same thing, the random Rare Horn with no relevant modifiers caused me to do triple the whirlwind damage compared to the Jouster’s Horn.

Equipment stat comparison.

For some reason the DPS comparison goes mental if I open and close the inventory a few times. and ends up showing DPS differences that make no sense, but are closer to the actual differences I observed in the MH damages. It seems it changes when I move around, but I’m not quite certain. Actual damage numbers with or without momentum are the same regardless of whether I’m moving or not.

Does the DPS comparison change at all if you press on the shield then back to the horn? Or do you need to close the inventory window and reopen it again to get this to happen?

The procedure to get the strange dps comparison:

  • Equip Jouster’s Horn
  • Close Inventory
  • Start moving
  • While moving, open inventory and look at comparison. Moving is not always required to trigger it, but it seems to make it more consistent.

The +200-300% number will show up in the comparison with the first off-hand you try (tested with a shield and 3 horns). Changing to a different comparison while in the inventory will make it go back to the expected values. To trigger it again, the above procedure has to be repeated.

The part about Momentum (1) reducing my damage to about a third of what it should be is the important issue, but I’m guessing that it’s connected to this comparison weirdness.

Thanks for the info. I added this post to our current list of bugs.