Bug of Faun's gifts set!

DQ version:

The descritption of “Faun’s gifts” set : Increases total HP% and all resist by 12.5 per rank luck on gear.

However, I found that the total HP did not further increase when the total luck on gear more than 650%.

For example: The total HP is the same when I put +225% luck in three equipment or in four equipment.

that’s because 650% is the cap so anymore higher than that is a waste…that cap on gear was already implemented since like 1.5 or 1.6 days i forgot already since it overpowered the golden veins+buccaner combo aswell before that’s why they decided to cap it.

Thanks for your reply.
So it is not bug just the description without update.

No… Every (or almost every) affix has a cap it cannot go over. Your luck cannot go over 450%, your gold cannot exceed 650%, your iten find cannot exceed 200%, your regen cannot exceed 30k, your dodge cap is 60%… You simply cannot get more of those stats than the indicated limit.

luck is 650% not 450%

I know the cap number. Previous I say it is bug just because I have seen some discussion about the “luck on gear” and finally they say " luck on gear" did not have cap. That means the information is outdated. Orz