BUG on my eternal legend bow!

I just created an account in the forums when i read about eternal items cant have a cyan affix… Please check my bow, i put it at premium stash 2… It had a cyan affix on it… Deadly strike…

Im not sure where i got it but i just kept it coz i havent seen an eternal with a cyan affix on it.

It is not a bug.It is very lucky drop!

@Dough an Eternal Item can be found with a Crystal (Cyan) affix, if the affix is in the Crystal affix list. it is rare, but there are a few ways to increase the chance to find items with the Cyan affix, but it just makes them a little less rare. :slight_smile: Obsidian is the Crystal used to put the Cyan affix on an item, but it is one of the Crystals that can’t be used on Eternal items.

When you get a chrystalline set item then it becomes less rare

the Crystaline Set (Green) does increase the chance for items to have a Crystal Affix on them. only 2 items have them, and they can only be found as loot, can not be rolled with Crystal (Ruby). usually used as part of a farming build.