[BUG] Pet got stuck

Hi! I’ve been noticed that every time i pick up the item which pet is desired to enchant while pet moves to item position then pet will stuck.


  1. Summon pet
  2. Get lucky to drop an item (for pet quality)
  3. Let pet start to move for an item
  4. Loot(pick up) an item right before the pet’s nose :smiling_imp:

Pet will stand(or walk) on place where it was when you looted an item until you change level/floor. :laughing:

Pet don’t get stuck if you looted an item too early
I will check if it can solved by dismissing(unequip) pet. (!!! Oh, such function is disabled?! :open_mouth: )

My device is ZTE Grand S (V988) with android 4.1.2(with no gapps installed)


more screens:

THANK YOU for these repro steps and for the images! I have had this issue a few times as well and could not figure a way to reproduce it consistently.

I will try out your steps and we will get it fixed!