Bug! report :D (Not a bug)

Hi the wirlwind skill for the rogue for the chackram’s
it will not work for other classes

OMg my english is soo bad :smiley:

ps keeps lagging like mini freeze its no biggy but its annoying

Hey! What do you mean? Can you give an example please?

Rogue dont have whirlwind, if its chacram, maybe you mean whirlingblades?

This is intended, since Rogues Talents doesn’t work with other classes.

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whirlingblades that it sorry :smiley: agaga next patch maybe u will remove it for the other chars and there another bug the block and be obtained only from a obsidian right? see here ?

Whats that lil tool up there :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t get anything, what you are writing about. Block is only obtainable by using it on OH weapons.

SB game hacker icon spoted

xD its not working its said need root what root :frowning: im desperate to get just 1 nadroji

Im so sorry for this i uninstalled the game i didnt do anything just test it :frowning:

o thought the block is for warrior only :frowning: