Bug with Assault?

Hey, this is my first post on forum - want to start off by saying how much I love the game and how active and engaging Shiny Box is with its users.

Second, I want to apologies if this is already a known bug and/or being fixed - if not than I am also sorry if this does get fixed and I suck because I have been exploiting it.

So on my Warrior I have my Oaken Band that has Assault 19 (+76% Chance to launch 3 hatchets forward on attack) It works as intended, however - including when I use my Whirlwind from my Fate’s Travesty. However, when I become out of mana and click my Whirlwind it doesn’t go off, but because it doesn’t go off and there is no delay on it trying to reuse it, it procs the Assault - launching hatchets like a beast.

I don’t believe this is as intended but it does let me plow through anything in the game unless it has thorns. I think an easy fix would be to implement some sort of cool down or refresh time between using an ability when out of mana rather than it continually attempting to use it until you have enough. This bug has tailored my build to include 0 MP leech as I try to keep my mana at 0 at all times.

Again, great game! Cannot wait to see further updates.

want to know something funny i’ve figured out how to launch that many hatchets w/o exploiting a bug. but i have lots of mp leech so i’ve never noticed the bug before.


Haha cool! Yeah I also use my Will of the Force to bring them back, it almost lags me at times haha. I must have the weirdest build to maximize it.

Welcome to the forums and thank you for the find! :smile: We know it’s a lot to give up such a juicy exploit :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll be checking the mana on those “procs” by the next patch!

Hmmph! I knew it was a mistake to bring it up… Now I’m actually going to have to learn how to play the game :laughing:

just get a horn and spam sprint. sprint doesnt have a cd so you can gain the same affect but w/o bug exploitation. my build is built around the assault talent

With mage using the living force set, happens the same thing, u ran out of mp and trying to do the skill throws the orb anyway… Btw i use living force with battle mage and its very nice doing first skill \o.o/