Bug with stats/offense

There is a bug…in the stats,/offense… Previous skill(passive) from previous weapon will still remain in you character even though you have equipped a new weapon with new passive skill…example for my warrior… I have a weapon with charge skill(randomly activated)… Then i unequipped it to a use new weapon with much better skill… Then my character will still have this charge skill… And it’s pretty annoying…because my character jumps from one place to another unintentionally… Anyone knows how to solve this?


Maybe is a talent present in one of your pieces of equipment?
To change/ fix it you can use a crystal called beryl to change the talent in question and to check what item has it you can either go to the inventory, click on the item equiped and look at the middle left of the detail or go to the page after the inventory and chose the third option and look for the ones with the yellow lettering.
Hope this helps :blush:


also, take a look at your Set (Green) affixes. there are 3 of them that change your MH Skills to something else.

for example, Spell Sword changes your MH Skills to Comet/Meteor. so if you have Spell Sword on your Head item, and you change your Weapon from Axe to Hammer, it will still be Comet/Meteor.

another thing it could be is that you might have Charge Proc affix? also, I think Warrior has a Talent that gives the Warrior a random chance to Charge.

hope this helps.