recently i got my very first nadroji’s crystal
and i get this thing which the 5th affix is empty and i cant do anything to it

Same thing happened with me

I actually used a sapphire to change the bleed chance affix and it completely disappeared

yeah i was trying to change an affix with a sapphire too

same thing… ive jasper my druidic ring then sapphire my 3rd affix them boom disappeared…

So you are saying before the patch that worked 100% for you? Applying the crystal I am referring to

yes… last patch i can apply as much sapphire that i want but now im kinda thinking if ill sapphire my nadjori now… :confused:
i wanna change my 2 other affixes it but im afraid they might disappear too…
and im sure i used sapphire on tjis and not kyanite…

yes i’m sure this didn’t happen before update since i use sapphire quite a lot

This is happening to me too but on any legendary item that I try to change an affix on.

But I’m having the problem on iOS not just android.

Yeah thats sapphire I change my affix then the affix has gone

This happen to me as well.
I used change affix crystal on my "Vial of Blood " legend item and one of affix disappeared.
I tried to use add epic affix crystal and than new affix appear but different disappear.

What was very strange that after applying add epic affix crystal items in my chest were randomly sorted.
I upload my profile to server and you can check my account "pkijanka@gmail.com" second slot rogue.

Could you fix it ?( and revert back my crystal add epic affix).


We’re still looking into this issue

Today I upgrade DQ to latest version but my Legend item still have only 4 affixes. Does it means that there is no fix for it in latest patch ?

This should be fixed bilirubin it is not a retroactive fixe. We will need to do this manually. Send me an email support@shinyboxgames.com and I will add it to my list for tomorrow. Please reference this form post.

I have send the request to support yesterday, didn’t get any response ? I need to wait till get the information to download from server. Hope next day will be enough.

I have not gotten to the support tickets for today. It’s on my list you will get resolved