Hello i think i found a bug but when i used a item with a Summon Fury % i had it on 5% and played 2-3 maps with it and it never be summoned

The percentage is just too low, that’s why it doesn’t proc often.

Yea but when i had a proc storm around 8-9 % i dont remember correct but it proc really often but Summon Fury didnt thats why i think it is a bug . You tryed this affix? and it worked good?

I don’t think it works with ice and fire anything else it does though

I think it’s different from the “skill” proc (haven’t roll Summon Fury so I don’t know it’s max value). And yes I have tried the affix using my 3 pieces of Frozen set and I was able to summon 2-3 fury (I don’t know about the elements not working, but I always use ice).

Why not use the mythic Apocalypse for instant 3 fury? :smile: