My crystal ans mythstone in there stash are not usable rightnow…i want to use it

Any idea?

Picture please. Maybe I can help a little bit.

Probably your phone just a Hang a little bit or I dont know :joy:

Not my phone…its the game
I can build stats…always stop at 105 points
Crystals and myths cant use…

Ill send pics later

Those images are pretty suspicious.


Dude wtf is this? Been playing this game for 2 years and i havnt passed the 999mil gold once wtf are you ppl doing?

Dealer perk.

Try to save game then clear data.

And log in again.

Hour upon hour of farming with maxed out stats…
I’m at about 910,000,000 gold right now…
Takes forever… :sweat:
Once I hit a billion, I’ll start experimenting with my builds a bit more…

Modified app or gameguardian? :smile:

I jut noticed the 99 mythstones lol

That’s pretty easy since 1 year ago when patch 2.1 and Ascensions released. I could get a billion in a week or two from 100M a day if I bothered.
Totally legit now.

All you need is Epiphany (5), Fortunate , 1012% gold find , 350% item drops and floor 200 or below and spam packsize with magic+ enemies.

10M in a single floor I remember getting but that’s after having a boost from shop or advert.

The gold find is raised from 650% to 812% with Epiphany and fortunate makes that 1012% . Item drops from hirling from 300% to 350%.

Also the add to the fact that packsize map are much easier to get compared to before 2.1 . Gone are the days of buying a map in hopes of packsize and having to add an affix by larimar as well as gone are the days of Angelite removing your affixes by chance.

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crystal and mythic stone try restore purchase

Looks to me you were trying to use some hack wrongly. There are maybe 5-10 people with 99 Obsidian, and those definitely have more dust and are known here in the forum.

So keep this forum clean please.


in farming crystals especially ultra rare my average per day farming obsidian is around 3-7pcs without using dust just use max farming set 1012 Luck and Gold and 350 drop rate :heart_eyes:

(7) Crysyalline