I completed the feat of collecting crystals and did not receive any crystal

For picking them up or for using them? For picking them up, you get a “crystal explosion” in the game where several crystals are dropped. For completing the feat for using crystals, it drops in the dungeon you are in. In the past, it simply added them to your bag, but now it drops very close to where your character is, and you just pick it up.

screenshot please or nothing happened

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his “report” too empty … hard to know which or how exactly the problem is

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The using crystals feat won’t show up on floor. It automatically does +2 for all crystals that you have in inventory. For this reason, you always want to keep at least one of each crystal, so that when you achieve the feat, you will have at minimum 3 of every crystal that you had before. Make sense?

Mr.Jam95 ur DQ version is 1.7 or 1.8?

Scott, the behavior has changed between 1.7 and 1.8. In 1.7, you did indeed get a +2 stack size for that feat. In 1.8, you get one crystal of rarity 15+. In 1.7, the feat reward was simply “too good”.


Is it possible that the crystal dropped in the dungeon and you picked it up without realizing it? The feat reward should have been one crystal, rarity 15+. I will certainly pay close attention when I hit that feat again. I did hit the sister mythstone feat today and also thought it didn’t give me my mythstone and then realized it was right next to my character in the dungeon (I reached it by converting a bunch of mythstones to better ones).

We certainly want to hear about any suspected bugs and appreciate you bringing this to the forum.

My highest crystal is a jasper I made. When the new crystal wasn’t in my inventory I looked on the floor and found nothing. Maybe just bad luck :smile: . I’m not that mad cuz I was 3 away from completing it when I updated it. I’ll complete it again and see what happens.

It could have been lower grade. I forget which it was, but I know I received a reward lower than #15, which would still be a bug. I think it was a #13, but I’ll keep a keener eye next time and get a SS.

not a bug, better keep a count on your hig tier cs, i was confuses too when i got the message, then i looked over, my crystals and got an extra crystal(the salvage one) i shoulda farmed more before i updated… Q_Q oh well

Do you play with single character or two characters(with a follower)?
I found that if I use the cs on the follower inventory in release version 1.7(android), the feat will not give +2 crystal to each crystal stack. This can also be a bug to ms too in release version 1.7. I have receive 10 top cs and 10 top ms from completing feat before my device upgrade to version 1.8.

I just completed and got a #14 Amber. So something is probably wrong as I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be #15+.