Bugged Codex

Hello DQuester!

I had nothing to complain since 4years of Dquesting :smile: . But today is the day. I manages to grab the latest version on the appstore because the dust crafting sounded like crazy things. The fact is that i used to play on a tablet and i had some rare legends conpleted. But i uploaded my save then to get it on phone. It occured that i lost some codex legend completion (such as nadroji robe ).

Same for eternals i should be able to have them in my codex

So my question is: is this a bug? or is it totally set up that we cant have eternal in codex when they are from last patch? same for legends

Best regards. :slight_smile:

ps (second screen in next post)

Same here… I guess they wont register when u get the item before the update…

It’s because new Eternal codex won’t count the old Eternals found in the previous patch.

the new codex “Eternal” wont log olds eternal

I thought maybe salvaging an Eternal would cause it to count in the codex, but it didn’t. No worries, more reason to farm for more!

it wont, opening chest will work to save the logs at codex eternal