Bugged item drop

So, not that this is huge issue… well, I guess it could be…
But as I was hiking floors, I had killed a shrine boss and got a legendary mirror to drop, and was kind of excited to see what it was. So, I went to my Rogue to check it out. Well, it wasn’t there. So I was like “Maybe I saw shit.” But then I went to go clear my Hireling (Warrior) inventory because it was getting full.
And what do I see? An “Eternal Illusion” sitting there in his inventory. Mirror graphic and everything. Now, I checked his inventory after ascending, so I don’t know if after I equip it, if it will change or not… I’ll edit the post at a later time. But I thought it was weird that my Warrior got a Rogue item and seemed like he could equip it. (It doesn’t say “ROGUE” in red at the bottom left, and when I try to equip it, all it says is “Must be level 50 to equip this item.”
Sorry for the book I just wrote.


Hey! It looks like, that’s an account specific issue. The best would be if you contact the support including your DQ account. I am sure they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

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So, an update to the post, as promised.
After I exited the game and went back in, it fixed itself. It said “ROGUE” in the bottom left. Still kinda weird, but at least it fixed itself! :smiley:

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear about it :slight_smile: