Bugged or not? changes not in patch notes 2.1

the number of crystals found (quantity not rarity) seems to have been lowered even with 200%+ item drops. also, is pack size max % changed to 150%? are these bugs?

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Hey! Thanks for the bug report :smile:
About pack size: It’s intended, since the pack size % has caused lots of performance problems.
About Crystal: Are you sure, that you havent activated the Crystal drop boost before. How about the drop quantity of Mythstones?

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i’m not using any boosts. even before the update. i just track my calcites. before there were lots of calcite dropping especially with pack size. now, i haven’t even been able to get 1 for around 10+ challenge maps w/ pack size of 130%+. it’s also happening with mythstones.

I understand. It’s not a bug.

Once you get floor 100, you will get Angelite instead of Calcite. On floor 200 you will get Quartz instead of Calcite and so on. :slight_smile:

now i understand why i don’t get any calcite… a quick one, if someone is farming at floor 2000+ will they be getting all obsidians? :joy:

500 is max. :slight_smile:

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Now that it’s mentioned I haven’t found a single calcite since the ascending. I’ve found dozens of the next 3 up. Been farming XP on floor 21. As I add gears and have to change the element, I have to go to my stash for calcite as I have not found any.

Do you have crystalline? All noob-tier CS drops below floor 100.