Bugs and other thoughts


[ul]1)Icebound’s Frostbite dmg is not shown on the character stat page
2)Killing gate guardian wile standing where the portal spawns causes you to automatically proceed to the next floor if finger is on the attack button. Should HAVE to click the icon in middle
3)Sometimes when Twister stuns an enemy (with Bewilder) the enemies take no damage
4)Twister does not pull enemies that are stunned
5)Pausing after casting Twister causes Twister to continue wile dealing no damage
6) Astral Summoner set ability description is to long for a single line (Summoned skulls are transformed into spirit mages with 21.5%)?[/ul]

Other thoughts
[ul]1)Resistance seems to weak
2)Primary and secondary weapons should not spawn with abilities for other types of weapons (Ex. hammer with sword skill damage)
2b)Finding items for Warrior with a Wizard causes them to have Wizard abilities and vise versa
3)Option to auto-save upon collecting a legendary
4)Twister is far to strong
5)Meteor feels far to weak for a single hitting skill
6)Option to set a time to automatically upload character saves
7)Wizard swords feel worthless
8)When a second character is highered the XP bar should be split in half (horizontally or vertically showing both characters XP)
9)Leaderboards feel nearly impossible to top without buying power-ups
10)Reroll Pets like equipment but for a much higher price
11)A way to controll summons
12)Mode to create custom maps

**)Direct Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Lan Multiplayer[/ul]

I’ve made note of all these bugs and your other thoughts, thanks for the feedback!

Will be making another balance pass with one of the future patches, at the very least with Rogue, but hopefully sooner.

The main reason for the hired character having his xp bar moved is to free up screen space.

Having recently found the spell sword set, buffing meteor would be a bad idea. Like wrath, meteor and Comet don’t use weapon attack speed for warrior… They all should use weapon attack speed to normalize dps (hammers are far to strong with them)

For item mod that increases Comet damage it calls it combustion.