Some bugs:

  • when i entering to menu i must tap twice
  • sometimes option map always on not working

Android 4.1.1 PMP5570C

^second the Map Always On part, how it works is- on first play through per startup it’ll be off, once you turn it on it sticks. 1.37 (i think) had this minor problem, 1.38 and 1.39 didn’t, it’s back in 1.4! But very minor.

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Could we get some more specifics on this? Thanks!

Double clicking - Confirmed! No matter where you click you have to click twice. I even waited 5 sec before clicking.

Talking about for [Click Anywhere] window

Yes, double clicking in main screen is a known issue. It was a quick fix we did to avoid a crash. We will see what we can do about that.

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Change text to “double-tap anywhere to start”?

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A bit better formulated post.
These are a few bugd which they caused that the game is a bit less playable:

  • when I am including the game where it is written in order to click anywhere at all, I must click two or three times
  • option which causes the map all the time is on is not running
  • the game is stopping and is starting again when I am fighting with the warrior in the first act and the level four - five, probably through ogry

I have a PMP5570c tablet which the 4.1.1 android has

I am having high hopes that these bugs will elminated in closest updating. I also think that if you let me get to the beta of tests of the game in the version 1.4, of these bugs wouldn’t be.

Sometimes when I die and restart the floor, I’m running in a certain direction for some seconds. Even if there’s a wall he runs into it. Since the maps are everytime different constructed when restarting, he maybe runs into the direction where the last place was when I died or tries atleast to.

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yup, when i spawn in floor X, my mage/warrior suddenly goes to the left/right hand corner for no reason… I’m not even touching the control button… to solve this, I have to touch the control button… it’s not a big problem… just a tiny disturber

Soo… we must wait for an update.

Still a few bugs. When wants to include mape with button must click several times. After the restart of the application the map is off.

We’ve made note of all of these bugs, thank you Beaast! :smile:

Another bug.

  • when I am using lances I am driving at an incredible speed ahead

Also write above. :smiley:

Warrior sometimes seems to get stuck swinging his main weapon. I have to tap the main weapon button a time or two, and move the joystick a bit, to get him unstuck. Didn’t notice that it was on any particular floor, but has happened on several floors.

If only to solve poblem of lags it is necessary to have root. It will be sufficient to place Scaling of processor on performance. However I have sticks at the beginning of the fight against bosses.