Hi Plss Fix this Im not Godd at enlish and um this is what i got
and frequently Freezing and ween enemy too many enemy’s maybe 15-20 the lags start plss fix this and i used many gold for this report

Hey! Thank you for your bug report.
The first and the 2. screenshot are known bugs. They will get fixed soon.
I dont know what your 3. screenshot means. Can you explain a little bit more please? (What was wrong there?)

About freeze and lag:

  • Go to Pause
  • Option
  • Gameplay
  • Set the Fx to low and Screenshake off

If it’s still lagging: Please contact our support: support@shinyboxgames.com

ween i go near a mob it will tilt ween burn - freeze and so on
u see on my 4th picture the slime is feeze and he is tilting maybe this is the cause of the bug sorry for my grammar