[Build] 0riel - Astral projection (endgame wizard)

My attempt at an end game wizard. Please comment/suggest improvements!

Pro’s - extremely colourful (5x prismatic comets, meteor and storm proc …), lots of dmg (more than the dps figure might suggest since I don’t think it considers amplify, explosive or heroic skills), pretty hearty (high ac, high health and permafrost), easy to get around (teleport).

Con’s - needs better pet skills. Not particularly high resists. Has ‘a bit of everything’ without specialising.

My biggest area for improvement as far as a I can see is the +2 skills/talents on the nadroji’s. I feel like there could be something better (perhaps replacing them with +5 comets).

The gear/build.


do you happen to have a video of your gameplay dude? need to see how colorful this is…:smile:

I would make one if I knew how … :frowning:

i dont know either… hope someone will help us…

tried ascendent…
and it really made my screen colorfull… lel… :smile:

you can try to re-roll those affix to the max imho…

first you’ll have to have a 650% luck cap (your gear + current ep bonus)
max the quality of all item to 25%

and you’ll have no prob re-rolling it to its full potential…
good luck and cheers! its a great build imo :smile:

a great build…

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Nice one :smile:
What are your resis/HP/ etc? :smile:

227k hp. ~2,700 all res. 388k ac. (See bottom left pic for the details). I can get to ~4.1k all res if I use cosmic instead of focus but the dmg feels more useful than the resists.

Apart from yea finishing off the quality and re-rolling … I think I can squeeze a little more out by;

  • finishing off heroic levels to get +20 dodge
  • replacing the +50 dodge with a +50% weapon socket
  • replacing some the all skills/talent on nadroji with with +comet/dodge

Happy to take other suggestions!

Sir Oriel, Do you still using the glasscannon affix on this build? If not what affix did you apply instead of glasscannon?