Build Advice Thread

I am making this thread so people can post their builds to ask for advice and keep the forums cleaner. Just a thought and I hope it works :slight_smile: . I will also be included in this thread asking for certain advice on builds. Hopefully this thread will help the whole community to suck less :slight_smile: . If this thread isnโ€™t a good idea, dq mods, go ahead lock it.

Good idea, but should be a section not a thread. Canโ€™t track which build ppl are talking about in a thread if it is active and odds are it goes inactive due to that

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Thanks for saying that. At least I learnt. I was thinking of this section so people can post their builds and ask for what they need help on but I guess it would get cloggy here.

Could work people just need to watch and see that the advice is for their build and not get confused if doing it this way. Or who ever gives advice send a PM to the person requesting it

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I have never read any builds really. I like to be original an use my own brain. Not others