Build Almost Finished

This build is concentred to keep leveling up the character, the floors, and stack some mystones, it has good damage whit crushing blow and plagued affixes. The only survivability of the build is the dodge and block chance and obviously the santuary.

But i dont know what Set affix put in the mirror i was thinking on living force but its only work whit the CosmicOrb…

And the other space of the mirror is reserved to a torrent proc (but actually i dont have any ruby xD)

my opinion for this build mythology works great at bombard :smile:
If you have a whirlingblade also put a living force to it it will do a good dmg

You should add WD+ on your MH+ for more damage put that Whirling Blade on your cap remove the Taunt proc. But it actually depends on you. :smile:

Peace Out.

Mmm Ok i will do that, the trigger of taunt proc is rly helpfull to kill the Cartographer, but i rly need more Damage xD
Btw I have another question, the affix explosive and the affix elemental critical works well in my build? In floor 700+ the mobs has much life :astonished:

use ice element for explosive

Crushing blow is what you need!, tbh I don’t have a rouge class. But my warrior deal a billion flat WD even I don’t brutal mythic. Btw primary skill of chakram trigger proc so easy so 25% proc chance is doing just fine

Add frozen set on your ring or amulet, change all yours items to ice element, try to farm some legendarie pet with permafrost set