Build for hype wizard build?

Guys can you suggest any kind of hype wizard build…

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Hype Farm Build?

Hype Floor Climbing Build?

Hype Ascending Build?

Hype Battle Arena Build?

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What is ascending build?

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I like build that can easily kill the monster very fast for floor climbing.

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right now, the fastest I know is Crushing Flames Set Build with Demonic Set, and/or Execution Affix, and/or Electrocution Set.

Crushing Flames (6) instant kills Normal (gray) monsters, but you need Fire Element, Elemental Critical, and Crushing Blow.

there are a number of Builds out there, just do a Search :mag: on Crushing Flames Builds or Floor Climbing Builds. there are some Infinite Billion damage Builds, but they take a lot of Crystals to build.

there are other Builds for Climbing Floors that don’t use Crushing Flames, but in my opinion, CF does it best. I think.

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Thanks dude i will try the CF build