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This isn’t really a build but I need help not dying. My DPS is fine. any advice/tips is much appreciated.Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-03-40_kindlephoto-328873820 Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-00-43_kindlephoto-328791211 Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-00-39_kindlephoto-328774898 Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-00-33_kindlephoto-328754723 Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-00-28_kindlephoto-328734065 Screenshot_2020-02-23-03-00-21_kindlephoto-328706436 Thanks in advance.

well obviously there’s the elixir (max level myth-stone) for the +2 all sets, that should be your main objective starting out.

next up the haunting ring from the rogue would be really helpful for haunting bonus (this gives 100% increased damage when you have 40% or more clear cast)

next up from the warrior legend-ex, the azure battle gear, costs 12 dust once unlocked, has the potential to have a crystal block. Just buy a bunch of these, they’re super cheap, until you finally find one. This will give you a 45% chance to block (take no damage). <-- this tip here, will likely be the best one i can give you

also, using beryl crystals, you can change your item natures to ‘[item name] of evasion’ giving you a 1.5% dodge chance per piece;
then with an epic 10% dodge affix your pet;
and all your stat points going into power (for rogue only) and at level 99, gives 9% dodge
this gives you a total of (1.5 * 6) + 10 + 9 = 28% dodge


Thanks a ton man. I have the two elixer I just wasn’t sure if i wanted to save it or not. Gonna start working on all this pretty soon. I’ll update the progress when I can.

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Epic Fire DMG on MH, Total HP on Chest, HP on Hit on Ring…these can go to make room for Dodge or something else. HP is good on lower floors, but on higher floors, enemies can 1 shot you to death, and Block, Dodge, Sanctuary, Movement, and anything else that keeps them from hitting you is better.

when you have the crystals & myth stones, put the Mythic Affix Sanctuary on your Necklace. it has a 30 second cool down when it saves you from dying, but that is not too bad after you improve your Block and/or Dodge.

also, a movement speed or two for moving faster can help you get out of the way of attacking.

and if you are using a lot of mirror images, use that Talent that has a chance of making your enemies miss you when the images are summoned.

plus all of the great advice from @TeaCup . :wink:

hope you have a good Farm Build for all the cool stuff you need for upgrades…:smiling_imp: .


Thank you for all the advice and I actually dont have a farm build. I was thinking about trying to make a cheap warrior farm build because I don’t have many materials to work with. Just got my first obs actually. Any ideas?

well, I would start farming on floors 200 & lower to get the basic stuff you need, then work on having a Farm Build that can do well on floor 500 to 510 of any difficulty level (difficulty level doesn’t matter when farming for Crystals or Myth Stones). what does matter when it comes to difficulty level is how much Gold Find & Luck you have on your Build. on Mythic 3, you only need +350% of each. this is the total from Natures, Affixes, and Fortune Skills. on Very Easy, you would need +650% of each on your Build. also, some items have requirements for where they can be found. the requirements are listed in the LegendEx part of the Codex.

Luck is important for getting better items (to sell for more Gold) and higher tier CS & MS. and making/improving Builds costs lots of Gold, which is why Gold Find is important. Item Drop can help later when you understand how to make better Farm Builds.

I don’t know if you have gotten any of the Perks, but Fortunate Perk gives you +200% Luck & Gold Find over the +650% Cap (+850% total) and a +5 yards pick up radius.

Dealer Perk lets you sell items you find for 10x their base gold value.

Treasured Perk is +300% better chance to find Eternal and/or Crystal Items.

if you’re not interested in Perks, no worries, but if you are, then you should look into making an Ascending Build to get the Perks.

lastly, just do a Search :mag: on Farm Builds for ideas and tips. same for Ascending Builds.


Thanks for the advice. I temporarily changed some things to get more exp and I just got my first ascension. I hope to get another one by tomorrow. Wish me luck

for pve or pvp build dude ?

Going for PVE

ok, well, for PVE, your Builds will depend on what you want to do.

Ascending Build: this is for getting experience to get those cool Perks. Ascending Builds for those going for all 6 Perks should have 6 Quest Stones on them for +200% Experience. also, they only need to kill monsters on floors between 100 & 200, depending on if you need certain items to improve the build or not. experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so most players just kill monsters around floor 100-110, because these are the easiest monsters to kill for the maximum experience. there are a lot of tips you can find on the Forums for Builds or improving the amount of experience you can get.

Farm Build: the Basic Farm Build eventually has Gold Find & Luck maxed out at +650%. eventually you will want a Farm Build that can farm floor 500-510 of whichever difficulty level you want to farm on. as your Crafting Skills improve, you can make Farm Builds that improve your chances of getting Crystals, Myth Stones, Eternal, and Rare Legend Items, and that also drop even more Items with up to +200% Item Drop Rate. you can make a Farm Build that does everything, of focuses on only a few things.

Climbing Build: this Build is for the Player who wants to see how many floors they can climb past floor 1000. defeating monsters and surviving is all that matters. @Mr_Scooty , a Moderator, recently got 4 of his Characters up to floor 250,000, but I think he must not have slept for a few nights to do that. I’m getting close to floor 1400 on M3 difficulty and am still climbing, slowly but surely.

Edit: recently, while climbing floors, I am actually on floor 1499, so am further along than I thought.


@Golem already say what i was going too…


You can PM @kiane_zaine or me.

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