Build help!

Is there any way to modify eternal objects? I saw a magician today that I destroy and good I always see his profile and usaba an eternal gauntlet with bombing option plus a skullshield com vanisg but they were eternal haha ​​I have armed my magician also with eternal objects less ring and necklace that are mythical So I want to know, by the way some advice to climb the league of eternals? I play recently I went up to the league mitica and stayed stagnant between 1200 and 1300 points

@guidepro89 ucant modify eternal gears… except for eternal fabled wep and hat that has 4 sockets. U can craft it to mythic and apply epic affix. Legend and crystal affix cannot be applied on said gears.

Modifying eternal gears is prohibited and ul be subjected as a cheater thus if u face a toon that have this modified eternal gears just report them on hacker report thread by t they will be moved to ban league if proven guilty. Wer dey fight other cheaters

Era un hacker entonces? Ademas hoy me paso otra cosa , debe ser una opc supongo pero varios personajes en pvp al atacarlos o ellos atacarme me aparecia alrededor de mi pj 3 torbellinos a cada rato

only element and nature will work at eternal item, must be super luck to have a eternal + obsi affix