Build help

Any suggestions to get my farm build better and have a decent amount of damage with a low cost of resource?

Just do cap luck and gold find, and take epiphany (5)

If u dont have crystalline, eternalized, nadroji (with chest bonus), do it

part of the problem is that you are still Ascending. when you are done Ascending, you can replace any Experience with other (farming maybe) affixes. when I was Ascending, I had maxed out my Experience at 200%, and was able to get up to Floor 260ish, even though I died a lot. so I just farmed for Experience on Floor 110 on M3. since my focus was Perks, in the end, my only farming ability was Fortune Skill 20, since I needed the space on my gear for Experience, Damage, and Defense. I had Fortune Skill 40 for awhile, but needed the space the 2 Fortune affixes were taking up for other affixes to improve my Ascending speed. if you really want to Farm, Ascend, and Attack, with better Resource Management, then you will need to sacrifice Defense.

how to get the 1012 luck? my max cap is 831.2 with epiphany (5)

for a single character, you need Fortunate Perk, and then any combination of any thing else (Luck Nature, Fortune Skill, Luck affix, the Luck bonus from Difficulty Level). the Luck cap is 650%, the Fortunate Perk will go over that cap to 850%. Epiphany (5) increases the 650% cap to 812%, and adding the 200% from Fortunate Perk will put it to 1012% Luck. Hireling needs the same things as the Main for both to be 1012% Luck. the 200% from the Fortunate Perk is not affected by Epiphany.

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