Build help

I need help with my build cause im pretty much confused about how things work and what i need cause i use a boomerang or unless i should switch it out for a different weapon but im not rich in crystals well the expensive crystals at least so ya. How do i make my character stronger cause im pretty darn weak haha

Also i think im switching out the 2 eternals since i think they suck and i cant do anything with them lol. And yes i know the build is complete trash haha thats why i need help

U can use @kiane_zaine or @HawkEye build as reference, if u done have obsidian crystal, u can using epic affx, but for more good build u need farm,
Farm at 200 floor at very easy diff for fast kill mob, convert ur eternal drop and salvage legend drop… if u have a lot dust from salvage, make eternal item with 50 dust, and convert it… its my best way to farm crystal

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for the short term, replace Control Duration on the Ragnarok with Epic +5000 WD. you can do this using Kyanite to take it off, and then use Angelite until you get the affix.

for the 3 Sockets, put in Myth Stones that you think would help until you think of better items and/or builds. just don’t put in any Myth Stones that increase HP or MP, because…

your items have +20 Intelligence and +10 Strength. on the Hero Skill Page, you need to put 10 more Skill Points into Strength so that they are both 20, because…

Equality. even though it is only giving you +7.5% DMG and HP/MP Regen, it is better than nothing. it is +7.5% of your Total HP/MP Equality. HP/MP Equality is your HP & MP on your Stat Page. if they are equal (100 MP & 100 HP), then you are getting the full +7.5% boost. the bigger the difference between the two (50 MP & 100 HP for example), the more your boost from the 7.5% gets reduced.

also, putting some Skill Points into Fortune will help find better items and more Gold to help with future builds.

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