[Build] Ice Throwing

Yeah it is me again, this time i am going to present you a warrior build, which use toss as the only attack.
As you can see the dps is quite amazing, reaching 61m.

So how does this build work?
As always ice element has the highest dps because of the sets and affixes so the attack element is ice.
The MH weapon doesn’t matter because we are going to use toss only, I use lance because it looks cool.
The set I used are:
Permafrost - +50% ice damage and also convert +38% income damage to mp(hp)
Blood Magic - +62.5% damage and also convert all mp to hp
Plague - Increase armor value by 125% hp
Rage - Increase critical damage by armor value
Living Force - +250% damage when the projectile are pulled back
Momentum - +1.2% of current speed to damage

Some of you may notice I don’t have any frostbite affix on my gear at all.
In fact, the helmet talent, icebound, gives +5% frostbite damage per rank, because I have 40 icebound, so I already have 200% frostbite damage and I don’t need any extra frostbit affix, since cap is 200%.
Stonecold talent also gives +100% ice damage, which is nice too.
I chose zealot for my ring talent, because of the +10% speed boost when above 75% hp, which helps me to reach the 100% speed cap for momentum.
For Necklace, I chose Frenzy for the talent for the same reason as Zealot, +20% speed boost, however the speed boost only applies when an enemy is bleeding. Luckily, if you put here points into toss, it will increase bleed chance, so it is not a problem.

Pros of this build:
Destroy most monsters within seconds
Tanky (17m ehp)
Fast movement

Weak to ice monsters (You can replace an affix for ignore resist to overcome this)
Can’t think of any other cons

Gear and stats:

Nice guide, full and well explained, GZ :stuck_out_tongue:

yea thats true not like some builds here :smile:

It’s you again.how’s your gold did it subside?or still bugged at 2.417B?lol

add frostbiting can improve dmg…
i think…
sorry for pool eng…

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[quote=“seiaphim”]add frostbiting can improve dmg…
i think…
sorry for pool eng…

Send from my oneplus one.[/quote]
Did you even read the thread?

Frostbiting is capped.

try to get the ballista set affix :I

haven’t tried it yet though… but that set affix was made for this kind of build…

good luck on enhancing the character though :I

correct me if im wrong, he’s using living force… that may contradict ballista since ballista increase damage of throwned hatchet per distance…

Thanks all!

About ballista I do have thought of it, but I don’t have enough slot for another set affix, since I don’t have any legendary pet with the affix above. I believe the sets I used is better than ballista for this case, a well rounded build.

ive seen a build like this
although its a video…

Ah didn’t notice someone already posted a build like this
This one can be considered as the improved version then :smiley:

ahaha yup coz of the cs ms every previous builds can be upgraded…

[quote=“Rubik”][quote=“seiaphim”]add frostbiting can improve dmg…
i think…
sorry for pool eng…

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Did you even read the thread?

Frostbiting is capped.[/quote]
but from pic above, i dont found any frostbiting…is it cap to 0 ?

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Frostbiting is coming from a talent, which isn’t showing on the stat sheet.

So many perfect rolls…

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Love this guy! :laughing:

how did I get these (5) behind living force, momentum…?

you need to have + all sets affixes on the items like nadroji or used elixer mythstone on ring and amulet :wink:

Icebound is useless if no frostbiting affix on your item.

This appears to be correct. I thought the stat not showing in the stat sheet was a bug, but it isn’t working as it says, which may be a bug, im not certain.

What the talent SAYS it does is add 100% Frostbite DMG at lvl 20. That is slightly different from the wording on the affix, which would read as 100% Frostbiting. I actually never noticed that until now when I compared them side by side. So it may be the intended effect, but its very ambiguous wording.

If you have 100% Frostbiting, and lvl 20 Icebound, you would get your 200% cap.
100% + 100%(100%) = 200%