[BUILD] Max Damage

This is my current build, any idea how to improve it? I see players with hundreds of das in the top 100, how?

Sorry could only post 3 pics, this is the second part

Thought glasscanon was capped at 100% :unamused:

me too, but it actually work i think. Right now i’m experiencing a odd bug

for my other set, which is similar to this the glasscannon aplies beyond 100%, but it seems that for the current set it doesnt :confused:?

Ascendent and permafrost isnt really a good combo. I mean 62.5% of your attacks do not receive the 50% increase in damage of permafrost. Switch ascendent out for another set affix and put in ignore resist instead. Just my opinion.

How to do that blue affix?

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[quote=“kioflores7”]How to do that blue affix?

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Its a crystal affix. You need to use an obsidian crystal to get a crystal affix. Niw lets not hijack this thread. For further simple questions maybe just try asking on the chat function. Id be mire than willing to help.

Thanks a lot bro :smile: Where’s the chat function?
Sorry for english

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