Special thanks for :
Clogon (He has explained about Reduce ememy ressist, Weaken, and Noxious)
Griffin (He has suggested me for change some affix)

Here my build! ENJOY!

This is the damage after applies Arcanist Arcane debuff, Darkness talent, and Empyrean

3Different colours smokebombs every using skill/proc each smokebomb deal different dmg (depend on the elements)

sorry, cant even capture the deadlystrike dmg. so hard lol.

here about reduce enemy ressist,noxious talent, and weaken

i cant give the record of my build, because i dont have computer XD
i hope you guys can understand me XD :joy: :smile:



any tips for my build?
my maximum deadly strike dmg with smoke bomb only reach 890M dmg. cant even reach 1B. :frowning:
can someone give me suggestion what i must change? sorry maybe i give the screenshot later, its hard to catch XD

-max your crit chance to 60%
-why do you have 45% cd?
-remove elem crit because you already have Nova
-replace crit damage with 5000 weapon dmg
-why do you have deadly arts? Ninja would be better

I would suggest switching 2 of the instances of +5000 fire damage to crit chance because it will let you spam bomb even more and the other to blistering because it will increase your damage output other then that nice build I love the good use of deadly arts for instant cooldown reduction :smile:

sorry for bad english
-why i need to max crit 60%? i already have 60% deadlystrike. :grinning: does deadlystrike chance come from normal critical chance? it mean 60% chance deadly strike from 60% chance critical chance (36%)?

  • why ihave 45% cd +10% from dex, total 55% from heroic points, base cooldown of smoke bomb with lvl 20 heroic skill is 5s cooldown. with 55% cooldown , now my smokebomb skill cooldown only 2.2#, different 2.8s is sick :grin:. it mean you can spam it more frequently. i combine that with deadly arts who have 5% chance to reset cooldown on deadly strike. it mean , more spam skill =more deadly striike deal = more reset cooldown. (SORRY MY ENGLISH SO BAD, i hope you understand what i mean )
  • if i ads 5k weapon dmg on mainhand, does it increase dmg to smokebomb?
  • what affix is good for replace ele crit?, i still thinking about that.
  • this is why i dont use ninja , because i dont need to use quick attack on my guide. because my main skill is smokebomb. you can deal atleast 2 or 3 per enemy with 1 click smokebomb skill on 15 radius, because i have bombardier talent (50% chance to doublecast with smokebomb)
    with deadly arts i can spam smokebomb more frequently

The reason you should max crit is because you must crit before a deadly strike can happen :smile: and you should keep Ecrit since you want to elemental crit with bomb

sorry bad english, i hope you understand
if i replace some +5k fire dmg, it mean my damage from my skill become lowest than now, but i dont really need much blistering, because my smoke bomb do 1 shot kill to enemy. it mean not really need for blees dmg from blistering. i think 100% is enough.
i still confuse about change 5000 fire dmg to crit chance % , it mean my dmg getting lowest but more frequently critical… so 40% crit chance isnt enough?
my problem is how to deal more dmg and billion deadlystrike dmg like other people guide do. :frowning:

what mean “reduce enemy ressist?” it mean more weaken enemy = more dmg deal ?

40% * 60%=24% chance to activate deadly strike while 60% * 60%=36% chance to deadly strike and +5000 fire damage is actually a very low increase in damage because of the way the damage formula works so getting 100% fire damage or 100% elemental crit damage is far more valuable :smile:

thanks griffin, now i know how deadlystrike works :grin:
should i change earthquake mythics to 100% fire dmg? is it more valuable for my smokebomb skill?
what dagger have 100% fire dmg? where it drop? what floor?
does elemental crit dmg have max cap?
i will update my guide later, maybe in few days or weeks :grin: after i repair this

Glinting slicer off the top of my head has 100% elemental damage and it drops past 350 mythic 3 and the legendary affix type of elemental crit has a cap of 40% :smile:

not elemental crit chance, i mean does ele crit dmg (blistering,etc) have max cap?

Nope! :smile:

thankyou Griffin im grateful, now my guide much better than before. :grin:

one last thing, put all your points in power, that will boost your damage. and use Energy resource since you’re only using smoke bomb

(sorry bad english)
if i have 1 more slot i will put mytichs energy affix :stuck_out_tongue:.
no idea if i put Energy, what should i change.
i think my build now good enough.
i just want Flame pet with Elements affix.for more smoke bomb proc. it mean i would drop 3-4 smokebombs every use skill or proc . and deal 23m (noncritical) each tick every smokebomb in area of effect in 15 radius enemy. smokebomb deal 3 tick dmg every 1.2s.

can you post this perfect set ? the set you currently using . (sorry for my bad english)

my build is same with what im using

paturo naman boss haha.

Wow nice. This is exactly what I was thinking right now.