Build suggestion

After trying way too many builds i decide to present u 2 of those that i enjoy the best. Today i ll show you the burstie assassin ( this is the way i call this build) and if u like it i ll post the other one as well.
I ll start this presentation saying that this build is highly recommended to players with high skill and reactions elsewise u wont enjoy it at least as i do.
I wont post screenshots cause i want u to try it to believe me! :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok lets be serious.
Firstly i have to say that i generally love the burstie and the high speed in my rpg history so this goes for DQ.
Set affixes i m using are the following Blood magic (OH) , Rage ( chest), Momentum (pet) , Permafrost ( head) , Druidic ( ring) , Cosmic Power ( neck).
Rest affixes are the following
59.8% Deadly strike via Chrystals
60% Attack speed via Chrystal + 20talent on Fletcher
60% Dodge via Chrystal
60% Critical Chance via Chrystal
350% Critical Dmg via Rage
4 Extra Attack chance via 2x crystals
2 Multi Attack
20 All Skills
4 Set Numbers
198% Frostbiting
50% Dmg on MH weapon
5000 Weapon Dmg
5000 Ice Dmg
710% Explosive
49.6 Mirror Image Proc
49.8 Time Warp Proc
Ignore Resist
2% Life Leach
As u see there is no Def Power at all + i m using 5 Obsidian instead of 6 so how am i surviving so ezly and reaching at 800+ lvl maps?
The Answer is on the avoidance. I m using OH weapon Bomb with stealth as special ability. But still this isnt 100% uptime even with 40lvl heroic ranks on it and 20 veil. I dont want to spend affixes to talent points or affixes for cooldown reduction cause this way i ll lower my dmg output. So the trick is the combination of stealth + 60%Dodge + Deception talent + Vault.I forgot to mention as MH weapon i m using bow with special ability blinkstrike so add blinkstrike to the avoidance power.So Mirror Images besides the offensive power they provide me they keep me alive as well.
About the Offensive strategy now is Blinkstrike to position yourself at a really good spot then stealth. One of this will proc the Time warp which is working for Guideshot and prolly 1 or 2 Mirror images with that start and then Boom time to shoot for billions ( max dmg i have noticed was 35b but in every initiation u see billions as numbers).
Most of you will question about the fact that i m using Mirror images + Extra attack chance + Multi attack. The reasons for this are: 1) i want the most reliable burst cause mainly i want to finish each initiation in 4.5 secs which is the time that stealth has uptime so i want to fire every time at least 4-5 arrows + the mirror images with the explossive proc and 2) Mirror immages can be spent instantly if for example get a spike (mainly when a achivement progession message appears) and u need to survive that. I prefer the extra attacks to be at max Dmg thatโ€™s why i dont use +4 multi attack.
So this build provides mobility ( you are moving either with just vault so here comes the druidic set affix or with + speed buff from the vault + stealth), Rly high burst inititiation and a way to survive Everything.
P.S. Just a few tips to help u survive if you decide to use it. Use your brain for example in Tnt Maps dont use the order Blinkstrike stealth but the Stealth blinkstrike for obvious reasons.
P.S 2 The speed of clearing fully a map and i mean killing all mobs + looting them is insane. My record is 1min 29secs i challenge ppl to beat it.
P.S 3 If you have any suggestions on the build i would like to hear them. For example is the 6th obsidian worthing or not?

nice build. but my question is, why are you using druidric set affix instead of plague. are you using poison element?

As i wrote above when u have druidic + cosmic power sets on u can spam the vault ability for insane mobility