Build to reach eternal league division 1

Hi guys!
Can somesome give me some advice or tips on how to reach div 1 eternal league. Im on div 2 now but theres a lot of strong players whom i cant defeat.

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Ask @Golem or @CuzegSpiked . I’m still mythic

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Just search this forum u will find good things

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I am still learning myself. the build I am using in the Arena now is my late Farm Build. I finally got started on Golem’s Ultimate Farming Build and changed some affixes on the other Build that would do well in the Arena. eventually I will have Toons that will be PVP only, but until then, I am using a Hybrid Climbing/PVP build. my damage is still low, but I increased my survivability so I can still do more damage, hopefully for the win! my secret is trying to get more wins than I get losses. it doesn’t work all the time, but doing well so far.

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I saw on arena leaderboard a rouge that has a dagger and bomb on the talents. I feel like i really throwback when i played season 1.


Yeah. The barrage builds remind me of season 1 bow rogue campers too, blinkstrikers and enigma everywhere when enigma was erratic. Well Enigma was erratic until patch 2.5 or so anyway. Also one shot builds and the Olympian gives me the memories of when I saw the LOHKO build from cronos. Arena felt so varied but also fairly experimental since everyone was trying to learn best ways to really do well. Now arena feels more serious but it does change depending on whenever a player makes a good build that can change the meta.
I miss them good times XD. Not that season 3 wasn’t a good time, it had its moments. It felt more challenging and rewarding in many places too.

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When i was about to enter on eternal league, division 1 this guy always beat me up. @lionex your rouge is quiet good… i was wondering how monstrous those top players like @Mr_Scooty and the others who is strong and tough players dominating on the arena…:blush:


i never thought my AI set can kill. i only came to division1 only once and cant even reach top 9.
I made my character by learning in the forum, reading guides and tips.
the top players are way to far on my level.
You can also try making the same character search for the discordance orb guide.

my AI set up is a camper type. and it would be easily crippled by HP/tank builds.

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thanks for the tips it help me a lot. Maybe i should purchase another slot to create that kind of build, but for now i should focused on farming to have a good amount of crystals.