[Build] wizard comet/meteor/skull shield

Well I have been away from the game for some time now and it seems quite a lot has changed which I am working on catching up on. I am looking for any advice/help you guys can give me on how to tweak my wizard to maximise and to change things that are no longer of use.

I noticed my frost biting is currently useless as I cannot currently freeze enemies as it used to work off of frosted enemies or something like that.

Also my gear isn’t perfect rolls.

I was wondering if I should be using spell sword and if so what should I exchange out to get it?

Any criticism and help would be much appreciated whilst I try to catch up on where the game is currently at. Many thanks.


What i first off all should do is max ur ilvl and then the quality of the item on 25% max it gives better stats :smile:

Nice build, Was using this kind of build! Except with that electrified stuff, Living Force is awesome but sometimes hard to put in :smile:

Was trying to decide if I should add in spell sword somewhere and if so what to remove.