I need some help with my build… Anyone have idea’s. This is my current build for my lvl 80 warrior

Use crystal calcite and change all your items elements to poison (deals DMG over 8 sec) very good for new players.
Try to make a hunter ring
Farm nadroji items and keep it for sets +5
Dont waste your mythstones and crystal
Just farm farm farm
do not give up, have a long way to go.

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@SilentKiller Thank you. Nadorgi is pst lvl 150 right?

I got my first nadroji at floor 280 m3 LoL

Dam, im only on floor 106 m3 lmao

I suggest you use a hatchet (furor or scorpio legendaries items its ok)OH weapon toss/scalp skills are very powerful for climb floors if you are weak or axe+runetotem for combo fast kill mobs(first taunt creeps then whirlwind). Dont forget to change your items elements to poison

@SilentKiller i got the crystal peridot this morning. My Herolvl is 42 and im on floor 114,what would the crystal do and would it be good to put it on my gear?


I try this build to find rare items, just now get enternal nadroji amulet on floor 520 epix difficulty

Faunce gift and satyrs spirit is uselessin your build because it defends on luck and goldfind on gear
Get atleast 1 crystal affix luck and 1 crystal affix goldfind


Change that affix to arcanist and ascendant you will like the effect of boosting dmg :laughing::laughing:

Tq athena later i’ll change it… Sharing is caring

Nadroji rings and amulete often drop epix difficulty map 131-150

May I ask how many Diamonds have you used for your items to be perfectly rolled? I know its easy to perfectly roll epic affixes, but with 1 crystal affix + 3 legend affixes it is impossible for me to perfectly roll them even on +25% item quality.

Btw nice build :slight_smile: +1

Its a combination between Green Garden Build (crono) and Other Warrior build which i didnt remember who’s own it :sunglasses:

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Silly me Green Garden Build revealed from griffin :weary:

May be they used hundred of diamond to get 100% weapon dmg then about crystal affix quality+luck+ pray they get a max the rest legend affix luck+quality u used diamond once or if the crystal affix did not max