In version 2.2 could kill the creeps but now in 2.3 bullets transferred to the creep and I can not kill, others skills works … think is a bug?

im using bullets and its easy kill :smile: you just need you change/upgrade your build :wink:

Are you sure ? My Rouge using ricochet and the bullets dont hit creeps o.O

for other details im playing my gun at floor 500+ :smile: how about you?
dont hit miss dmg or the bullets just passing through?

Bullets just passings creeps lol now im stuck floor 1170 m3 … i dont know why … others skills works Fine

Are you in melee range? Do you have 40 ricochet skill?

Yes clogon in melee range the bullets just passing creeps and i have 40 ricochet skill

that why idont like ricochet it miss mobs dat are very close to you. i feel like it just passing through mobs. specially against slimes lol

Then this is intended. The bullets shoot from the barrel of the guns.

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I request you to change it to bow @SilentKiller :smile: