Burst DMG

Is this kinda burst dmg is enough to kill any immo or not?:smile:
<imsrc="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/e/4eff2a8c4812be9237010e0151cbcb7f224639f4.png" width=“690” height=“414”>

Those pictures are only my good battles. Better not to see other :grin: :joy:


Wow! Can you please teach me to make a dmg burst storm and skulldraga type? Coz im planning to make a build like your rouge. Its a storm type camper right? Teach me please!:blush::sweat_smile::blush::sweat_smile:

build please

my build is secret

Electrocution set is good for burst dmg type :sweat_smile:

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Yey ive got of mine too… Yea electruction is help me a lot to make a burst dmg. Thanks coach! Iloveyou.:joy::ok_hand::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


been using Electrocution since release tho :joy::joy:

Or demonic xD Or demonic + electrocution xD

@FairyTail can give me some hints on how to do burst damage.

2nd tip is more dps more dmg😁


i think makarov’s rogue is stronger than me :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

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more tips plz :smiley:

Wow ! Theres a lot of strong rogue user here :open_hands: i still love storm type rogue. .


Nice dmg,

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what resoucrce u use? energy/fury?

Lol. No!:sweat_smile:

Use fury. Coz its useful if you’re a chakram user.:slight_smile:

Thanks. Lodi!:joy::grin::ok_hand:

I Go to div2 and div1 of Eternal League to see what build’s and guys are there and find some
very cool build’s and old warrior’s :blush:!!

one shot :sob:

this guys is older them me :older_man:, but allways very good oponent :+1:


potato finger’s :triumph:

This Thing is StormBolt whid 1 years in gym :grin:

nice build :+1:, AI is not very good tho!

feelsbadmen :disappointed_relieved:

I Test Your build, is 7/10 :+1:


Go up @ZOMBOY ma friend . Cant wait to face your “OP warrior”.:grin::fist: btw how did you call it OP with that 80k hp and 600 pow. Just wondering??:sweat_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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