Burst DMG


it can go up to 400k hp and 1k power, that is just not my style, by the way, is OP on my hand’s, this AI that this build have :joy:, you kill her is like 5 sec, is like CruzegSpiked build, easy to kill AI, But on his Finger’s :smile:, like my he will do quick work of anybody!,i say that my build just have 1 counter, Energy builds, good one’s, i can kill immortal,burst, camper’s, barrage, mirror, basicly every thing else, exept energy build’s, i don’t see one up there tho, i wonder where they go??, any way if you dont think that OP its Ok, is your opinion, just have to respect that :slight_smile:!


Hey,can you test this guy? I have better stats but still lose :disappointed_relieved:
I guess you use bleed type?


I say it OP coz you say to other topic. I remember that you say you have an OP warrior build. Btw. Never mind the OP word.:sweat_smile:


Where is that OP warrior ?
Gameover is strong warrior for me,especially when I enter arena with wrong gear :joy:


My friend zomboy he have an OP warrior build? He say it to other topic…:sweat_smile::joy: btw g@meover’s warrior is a tough war for me too.:grinning:


what type of my build you encounter that time. looks good you got 2-3 on my weak ai.


do you ever face battle warrior -slay- and azilana ?


No,probly their rank is low.I match div1 players only,please go up to see who is better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Barrage one


If he takes bleed, he dead :dizzy_face:!


im on div 2. last i play .


yes .


Thanks :slight_smile: Im dont set AI, cuz im dont know how set with vault )


Hahaha im so excited to meet your op warrior dude. U can kill my hero by using bleed type attack .


I dont think how he can kill your ai and other. I think he use scalp or toss then run around. Lol.:joy::joy: