Calling for All Wizard Enthusiast

Hi Wizard Fanatics there!.

Today I just accidentally created a new Meta. 100% Tank Summoner and it is roaming at Eternal Div 2 v 2.

TANK SUMMONER which means Im using Minions, Fury’s and Command.

Sample Pic.

Look at those Cute Team Mates :revolving_hearts:
And look at those DMG I receive.

And this one.

I just let my Warrior stand-by and see how my Wizard Team fight.

For those who want it talk to me bei-beh. :joy:

P.S. Just a sample pic.


Not satisfied from above picture? Let you see this.

Tank Summoner = Hireling Distractor.

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Wow… nice one…

can you teach me rogue pvp build plsssss… because I can’t go up in eternal league I’m still in mythic league huhuhu… plsssss… thanks advanced…

PvP Rogue Build.

Still on going under construction. :joy:

Just showing this build for Wizard Fanatics.

But IF I could make one, its an honor to teach you. :blush:

Aftermath? I’m guessing maybe.

Just using Spellsword for Mana Increase (HP of Minions) Im not using BloodMagic. I guess you know what I’m talking about. :hushed:


thanks in advanced… I will wait for that…


I’m now in eternal league yeheeeyyyyyy!!!

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Whats your name?


Same name as forum. Just like some others.

Yes… sir @CuzegSpiked i have a question for you… you’ve change other affixes of you ‘will of the force’ build? plsss tell me and help me…

Lets talk about your current build on PM. Send it to me. I’ll wait it.

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Yes just do it.

my set is almost like cuzeg build the will of the force build… you already saw that build? I used that to climb to eternal league but I’m stock in div 3… just see his build… but my pet is different from him… I used eternal simba with satyr spirit affixes mp, mp regen, hp regen…