Calling for All Wizard Enthusiast

you saw it?..


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like this build but my pet is not like that…plague…

and i don’t have trophy like that…

just tell me sir if you have a suggestions and love to do it for sake of DIV1 #1… dreaming!!!

are you there?

What Div are you right now ? That Will of the Force is so Powerful as I search for it and read it. All I can say is you have a Powerful Set to go at Eternal Div #1.

I’m now in div 3 or 4… I’m stocked that div… my character name was… ArRoW143

but my net is very slow… and my phone is always lag and there are more time that I’m disconnected…

Im roaming at div 2 IGN Bekhor. If you face me, pls tell me the experience. :blush: