Campaign Legend/Ete-Legend Build

I’m sure there are plenty of builds for legend mob farming out there somewhere, I just felt I should share my build.

So, considering my play choices in the past and the way this build was set up, I converted this build to my warrior. I’ll list my equips and stats really quick. :smile:

EQUIPMENT (Warrior):
Bombard Lance: Mythic Affix (This one is a Mythic Lance, I mainly used Larimar for four affixes and a Zircon + Endow for a damage boost.)
Parity: I refused to use anything else as I could socket MP and HP leech. A must for high-level/enemy rank grinding.
Sanctuary: This helm is a wonderful addition. With improved move speed and sprint proc, you will need this to run circles around the enemy quickly.
And for the amulet- Nightsong: With a high damage already, you can run circles and tear apart the enemies with ease. The Blight won’t do much, but you mainly want the Torrent Proc and Clearcast, and the HP/MP regens are incredibly helpful.

Now, I know I skipped the ring and off-hand weapon, and this is the crucial part. To ensure that you drop the enemies and any groups around the elites, you will want an AoE off-hand, so your main pick would be the horns. Any high damage horn will do, and don’t worry about resists. Just a high damage AoE off-hand that does a lot of damage.

Now, the ring is the most important, because you want the Hunter Ring to summon those elites, and Rozenzi to ignore those resists. The Hunter Ring is a Mythic as well, so you may need to farm for some Mythstones.

To create the Bombard main-hand weapon: Mentor, Endow, Death, Master.

And for Hunter Ring: Rebirth, Flight, Quest, and Fortune.

With that said and done, I truly hope this helped you, and I apologize in advance if this seemed very poorly written. But if this helps, then good luck and may your Elites drop like flies. :smile: