Can mirror image cast special skill from mh and can cast mythic skill in mh?

to all my co-dq players help me to answer this question thanks mga paps!!!

Hmmmm he right back. Need to think :dizzy_face:

To start with mirror image will only cast the off hand weapon special skill. Scalp may be a good option. Or Skulldraga. You will have to test it . Will any mythic skills transfer i don’t know. Test it

if I remember correctly, when you have a Mirror Image, it casts the same spell you do. except for itself. and I believe the damage done by the spell cast by the Mirror Image is OH damage.

when I was using Chakram and Mirror when I first used Rogue, the Mirror Image cast Boomerang and Whirling Blades at the same time my Rogue was casting those spells. 3 of the Talents in the Ranger Skill Tree improve your Mirror Image. Illusion increases duration of Mirror Image +1% per Rank, Deception gives a +1.5% per Rank chance for enemies to miss you when a Mirror Image is present, and Mirage gives a +2.5% per Rank chance to cast an additional Mirror Image (I think you can get up to 3 extra Images at the same time, depending on how long the Images last, and how much you boost your Cool Down).

a MH Mythic Skill, like Earthquake, would have a chance to be cast when casting any spell. so whenever you cast the Mirror Image spell, you have the same chance to have Earthquake to be cast, the same as if you had cast Boomerang, Whirling Blades, or Swap. my Wizard casts Earthquake when Teleporting around, which is very nice. :smiling_imp: but no matter which spell was used when Earthquake was cast, Earthquake still does MH DMG.

OH skill. Try scalp as OH

with the Trickster Set, I think you can get a Mirror Image when you cast your OH Special, which can be nice if you want a different OH Special, like Skulldraga or Scalp (thank you for these examples, @dickwad), so the Mirror Image would be able to cast these spells also while it lasts. would be great with Scalp, but I wonder if that means that you would cast a second Skulldraga next to the original that is cast. that would be a good test to do.

haha, with 2-4 Mirror Images, if you used Scalp, it would be a Storm of Whirling Hatchets!

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Now mirror images have a limited life. I’d go for the most useful OH skill. Even command

Thanks for the question post :slight_smile:Just think about your OH weapon. :sleeping::smiling_imp:

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I never used those MI Talents, so I stopped using Mirror Image, too weak for me, but since I have been defeated by Mirror Image Builds in the Arena a few times, I know you can do interesting things with them. I mean, really @dickwad, you did some cool things with Seven Deadly Sins, which everyone considers a mostly useless Set. :wink: x 2.

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6 deadly and trickster ?maybe

would only work with a Trickster Pet. maybe a 5 DS, Trickster, and something else? but I think you need more than 1 Trickster for it to be effective, you know how DS Set messes up using +All Sets! probably why using Procs on it was a great idea.

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thanks for all your ideas!!!

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