Can rare legends be converted by pet's hound skills?

I rush dungeon from 400 to 800 floor and want to obtain rare legends (EX: nadroji ring…).
I use IMP because I think IMP can convert item to rarer one.
However, the convert process waste a lot of time.
So, I want to know whether rare legends can be converted by hound skills.
If the answer is no, after that I don’t need wait it to convert and use time to kill more monster.

I’m interested in this question as well. Also, does externalized, crystallized ect. work with the imp?

Rare legends, meaning Nadrojis, Defiant items, Cataclysm, etc? Then yes. If you mean crystal items and/or eternals, I’m not sure as I haven’t gotten one through hoard. Maybe I got one, but I doubt it because aside from them being very rare, there is a limit (I think) to how many items get “notified” to you. Also, the eternal/crystal items that you get from the ground are not showing in notification (or maybe I’m not noticing it), except being rewarded as an achievement from killing a mythic boss.

And yes, the hoarding thing really takes up a lot of time. I wish there will be an improvement to this. Upon getting 12 legend maps, I bought the multi-boost from the shop and started blasting my way through hordes of mobs. Soon, I realized that hoarding items via Imp takes up a very significant amount of time, more than twice the normal dungeon clear time (without too much pick ups, except legends and stones). I usually clear all the mobs of a dungeon in about 2-3 minutes. Hoarding items via Imp in very high magic-gold find/item drop maps takes about 6 mins and up, drastically eating up valuable boost time.

Also, it often throws item to areas it cannot reach. I just lol when I see this :smiley:

I am glad someone is looking forward to 2.1 already! No promises though. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes you can get Eternal and Crystal legends from Imps! Until pet speed up is implemented (if ever. So cross your fingers and pray that the devs find the time to do this), I recommend using double imp. And yes imps throwing items into unreachable locations is not fun… I am glad I have Pick-up radius! Losing Eternals to this bug was not fun when I started this game.

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Good to know! I love my little imp buddy!
The two imp thing is a good idea. Unfortunately, my wizard has an epic fairy (only found one legend and it was a hound. Blarg, hounds kinda suck, IMO), that’s been buffed repeatedly by killing freeing enslaved pets and I’ve yet to find another epic imp (floor 150+).

You don’t need an epic imp. Rare imps can become epic via the pet saving feat.

Seriously?!? Damn, wish I hadn’t sold all those rare pets now :confused:

dHounds are good too imo. Plus, Legend Pets are rare and have that useful set affix.

What’s good about hounds? My pickup radius is insane and they don’t really produce much gold.

Mainly the fact their convenient – If you have low or no pickup radius, their useful, but not as much with pickup radius. They probably could use a buff though.

They also dig up gold hidden on the map.