Can someone explain ascending

What would be the benefit of ascending as its bloody expensive at 50 million to do so at the shop :disappointed:

It is only 5 million, ascending gives you perks that makes your dq life convenient. Like dealer, you can have atleast 4million per pack size map

Of course at the cost of going back to level 1 and bit higher xp requirement

What do these perks do ?

Uhh let me explain them… as far as i know,

Dealer perk makes items sell value increase by x10
Enshrined increases shrine effectiveness by 300(?)%
Hunter perk causes shrines and pools spawn 1-3(?) Shrine guardians when activated.
Accomplished perk reduces the feat requirements.
Treasured, increases luck and gold find by 200(?)% beyond cap.
Fortunate, increases the chance for eternal and crystal drops by an amount

Cheers. Thanks for that. I’m attracted to fortunate

Ascending give u a lot of help at long-term playing.

Dealer : Item selling price increased by 10 times.
Hunter : Shrines and Healing wells spawn 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardian when activated.
Fortunate : Increases Luck and Gold Find by 200% beyond cap and +5 Pickup Radius.
Enshrined : Increases shrine effectiveness by 300% and Shrine Number by 1.
Accomplished : Reduces 25% feat requirements.
Treasured : Increases the chance for Eternal Legend and Crystal Legend drops by 300%.

U should ascend asap as the perk give huge advantage :smile: