Can someone explain this. blue affix in eternal

just got this from farming, why is there a blue affix. codex says random affix

Eternal items do not exclude crystal items. You just got lucky and rolled both in one item. Crystal affix is still random affix.

This is actually a nice catch! It’s just normal and you’ll get more of that as you progress through the game :smiley:

Hi welcome back dude. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

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That’s lucky one…

Lucky you.

Welcome back @Msiiek

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yeah I guess so. haha. tnx for explaining. now back to hiking floors

Crafted Eternal can get Crystal Affix too, just need luck :smile:

nice loot

tnx bro. all that farming was worth it. :grin::grin::grin:

keep it up more and more will come

Is there any legit way to modify Eternal items ?

I dont know if u would consider it modifying if you put mythstones to the empty sockets of eternal items.

Off course not, I mean replace useless affixes with needed ones :joy:

Haha. Well…i guess you cant modify eternal items :laughing:

if u modify it, u will be called cheater. only 4 empty socket eternal, u can add some affixes.

but when luck comes u get a eternal item with crystal affix

If I’m a cheater or hacker, I won’t ask such question :wink: