Can someone help me with my defense?

All epic pieces atm. I have a bunch but currently im using the the Horn and a chest piece that gives me Spell Sword. I used other stuff and no matter what I use I get 1 rounded on boss mobs. I can do EP4 and only die 1 in 4 runs. but anything more and I die constantly. I have 4slot pieces im holding on to, to make armor but im not sure how. I checked the guide section but I still don’t understand it. I mean I understand how you add 4pieces to get the type you want then just use crystals to chance stuff around. but what pieces to use and when to use them mess me up. I went through a bunch of crystals and only ruined the stuff I had.

can someone walk me through how to make some defense pieces please? my dps at the moment is 750k my defense is AR-19.1k Dodge CHance 24.4 Block0. elemental is 1650average. total reduced dmg is 91.2. HP leach is 0.9 and MP leech is 1.2. damage reflect is 195%.

91% reduced damage, and your still dying that easy? Sounds like you need higher HP. As a Warrior, all of your points should be in health as it gives both hp and armor. Aside from that, try to get the set affix Blood Magic, it should help a lot.

All in HP? ahh ok. I have like 45 in hp and 40 in mana and the rest in Attack. but I did max out Hero and Dodge in the hero tab. the trash isnt killing me its the boss mobs. im fine then im just dead. ill try that tanks.

Try this combination cosmicpower+plugue, bloodmagic+permafrost, spellsword+pathfinder+max dodge. Better to equip all of this and max your dodge and block

Shrowder is my main, I can do ep8 floor 400. Mjolnir is my hireling, and he has max luck and item drop.

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whats a hireling?

You can hire another of your characters to follow you around.


Not to derail, but I use bloodmagic with my warrior on floor 100+ on ep 8 and he dies occasionally.

HP with BM: ~40k
Reduced DMG %: Like 97%

This is mainly a problem with some epic enemies.

What are you dying to?

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No clue. I would be ok then just dead. I had like 9k hp now I have 40 k and I think it was just big hits that where getting me. I can clear ep8 200 now, it just takes a while. my dps is kind of bad. thanks for all of the help everyone.

Yea having set affixes like rage and momentum really help dps

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I have Flurry, Sprint, Blessed, Might, Bulwark, Wrath.

I keep wrath because it breaks boxes and chests.

Those are talents not set affixes, a set affix is a green word on some legendary items.

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Part of the reason my warrior dies is because throw sword apparently takes like 12000 hp to use at lv 80-100 with blood magic.

Well, i think it’s hard, i get 1-hit-koed by catographer at floor 650ish EP8. Im running with 220k HP and 334k AR.